A light lunch at Blind Dog Cafe, left us wanting more. What is the best second meal snack? Ice cream of course. We found ourselves with Yelp’s assistance at the Yards Park. The Yards Park is a new, cleaned up area with a little bit of everything: interesting restaurants, wedding venue, trapeze school, Nationals Park, Navy Yard, river walk/park. We managed to spend several hours of our afternoon walking around. We saw two weddings that day and even had a front row seat to the Navy wedding. All because a yummy place called Jubilee exists. 20151024_164046

Their homemade ice cream is delicious. And the owner is another Penn State ice cream seminar graduate, similar too Half Pint. They use cream from a local Dairy farm in Middletown, MD (South Mountain Creamery). They have a few of the normal flavors, but some interesting inventive ones as well. I was hankering for some cookie door or mint chocolate chip, but once I got there it all went out the window. We sampled at least half of all of their flavors, which change seasonally. It made my decision difficult.

I went with a regular size (comes with two scoops). I did a scoop of Marionberry and a scoop of honey lemon lavender. Both, 20151024_161012flavors I had sampled. They went well together, but were also wonderful on their own. Marionberry is a type of blackberry that was developed by the USDA in Marion County Oregon. It is a cross between two other species of blackberry (Chehalem and Olallie). It is not real sour like most blackberries can be (at least in the ice cream). There were real berries mixed in with the ice cream along with crushed graham cracker. Every so often, you would get big pieces of fruit. The honey lemon lavender was amazing and fresh. I could picture eating it by the quarts on a nice hot day. The honey was just the sweetener to tone down the lemon and not a prominent flavor. I was mostly picking up on lavender with a hint of lemon. They offered bits of broken shell to top off your scoops.

20151024_161037He started with the idea of a kid’s size, but then inquired about the cookies on the counter. They said he could make an ice cream volcano. Which means cookie base, ice cream and caramel and chocolate syrup on top… he was sold. They heated up the chocolate chip cookie and put a scoop of cookie dough ice cream (his choice) on top. He thought the caramel tasted homemade and enjoyed every last drop. There were some large chunks of fudge in the cookie which he also loved. The ice cream wasn’t even close your standard Breyer’s® chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, this was way better.


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