Ted’s Montana Grill

I went to my first Bris. (If you are looking for the Seinfeld episode, you need to search THE Bris on Wikipedia). I will not go into details on what that is… just click the link. But it is a Jewish celebration for a newborn.

That night we had dinner at a new restaurant in his hood at Downtown Crown in Gaithersburg, MD. Ted’s Montana Grill (founded by the second largest landowner in the United States, Ted Turner), not to be confused with Ted’s Bulletin across the street (they have a decent menu, this place was checked out prior to the blog). Looks like USA Today, beat us on the review for Ted’s, but I will just add to the good things they had to say.20151025_200052

Being in Ted’s surrounds you with the mid west, a bison head mounted on the wall and photos of the mid west. It has a nice ambiance without the price tag and stagnant air. It is low key with a exceptional product. Their outdoor patio is lovely and if it wasn’t a chilly night and I wasn’t a wuss, we would have totally ate out there. They have a long fire “pit” to sit around with a stone ledge to set your drinks or plates.  On with the food…

20151025_190933Instead of the traditional rolls or carbs you may get while you wait for your food, they serve you homemade pickles. The waitress described them as a mix between a cucumber and a pickle. Are pickles not cucumbers? But her description was on point. It had the crunchy, freshness you get from a cucumber with a hint of pickling. In the world of the meat man, pickles are a vegetable and not for his pallet, so I ate the entire bowl full. They were certainly homemade and not your traditional pickle.

20151025_193541He ordered a burger (what I should have gotten). He was thinking of getting a chicken sandwich, but I said how can you go to a steakhouse and get chicken. The man raises his own bison, you need to get a burger. He agreed and got the burger. It was probably one of the better burgers he has had in the area. Their meat is all freshly ground on site. His burger was ordered well done and served well done, but came out with the good juices still dripping. He went blue creek, beef instead of the bison, burger. Blue cheese, bacon and patty. The texture of the patty was amazing. It was not tightly packed with filler like some patties and was just straight up meat. The bacon was done to perfection as the photo shows. It was crispy, but still had a bit of a soft, floppy texture. The blue cheese was evenly melted atop the patty, but was not being a flavor hog. I also think their fries were hand cut. If they came frozen, then they fooled me. The fries were good and above your average freezer to fryer fries. ($15)

I should have taken my own advice and ordered something similar. I wasn’t super hungry so I went with a salad… at least it 20151025_193614had steak on it. Don’t get me wrong it was a wonderful salad, but it was just that a salad. You can’t really talk up a salad, when the person across from you has burger in his hands. Romaine lettuce, blue cheese, tomato, bacon and onion straws with a balsamic glaze. I added avocado. The steak was perfect. It was tender and not chewy, plus a good size. Some salads come with an exuberant amount of dressing, but once you got this one mixed well, it was perfect. My lettuce was not floating and still tasted like lettuce with a hint of balsamic. It left my belly satisfied and taste buds happy! ($15)


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