Citizen Burger

Saturday was Halloween and all kinds of different people were out: us, Santa Claus, Star Wars characters and hoe princesses. That morning afternoon, I was craving a juicy burger. Instead of hitting up one of the many joints in a 15 mile radius, we headed into VA. He had just the place to take me. Rated as one of the top burger joints in VA, it was not a hard sell.

Citizen Burger… you can find them in Clarendon and Charlottesville. They are a Virginia company that supports VA production. The cows are raised on a local organic farm in VA (Timber Creek Farm) and grass fed. Their support of local business does not just stop at the beef. Vegetables and cheeses are locally purchased and even their buns are made from a local bakery. You won’t find any extra chemicals in their burgers. Plus, they sell locally craft beers/ciders.

He built his own burger to include bacon and cheese with a side of fresh cut french fries. Their burgers are ordered by color 20151031_160450rather than temperature (no pink, pink and red). Being a well done beef man, he ordered no pink. The burger still came out juicy and crumbled apart. The bun was lightly toasted on the inside. The bacon was crispy and done to a perfect texture. The cheese (I can’t remember what cheese he ordered, cheddar probably) was melted over the burger to a nice consistency, but not over powering. He ordered a side of BBQ sauce for his fries and to dip his burger. The BBQ sauce was excellent and the fries were perfect.

20151031_160507I ordered one of their specialty burgers the Cville burger. This burger encompassed most toppings that one could put on a burger and was almost bigger than my head, certainly bigger than my mouth. The pickle gives you a good perspective (it is a normal, perfectly crunchy pickle) of this behemoth burger’s size.You can see in the photo that the patty itself was large, plus my toppings: onion straws, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon and cheese. Though this burger was fabulous, it did not stay together. I really struggled on the handling. I cut it in half, but I think that was where I went wrong. My toppings kept falling off. The bun couldn’t even handle it. I ordered mine pink and which made for more juices. The bottom bun acted as a sponge. With juices running down my arm and toppings flying, I prevailed, but not without some complaining. To which he blamed on me and not the burger, saying I had too many toppings. But, for me toppings are essential. It was very fulfilling. I had a side of sweet potato fries that he had to help with. These were also hand cut and seemed to have a dusting of flour to coat them before frying. They were flaky and soft on the inside with a minimal salting on the outside also tasted amazing dipped in the BBQ sauce.

While the hoe princesses pranced stumbled around outside, I smelled like red meat and had burger juice on my arms… I guess that is why I have been the lucky one across the table. Or that is at least what I shall tell myself!


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