Frankly, pizza is never a bad choice for a meal. After too much “candy” on Halloween, some may say that is just what the doctor would order. Together, we have eaten a lot of pizza. In general, pizza is good. In my lifetime, there have only been a few really terrible pizzas (like the one’s served at school lunch or at a bowling alley). But on the opposite end, there are some outstanding pizzas and many more just good pizzas.20151101_193344

Frankly, Frankly…Pizza in Kensington, MD ranks among the outstanding pizza grouping. It may not be the best pizza I have had, but still very much in the running. We both hold Joes Squared in Baltimore at high regard (it was before the blog). Their menu consists of pizza and only pizza, so you know that is what they know! All pizzas are made in a brick and mortar wood fire oven. I do not claim to know much about what it takes to wood fire pizza, but I will say it takes dedication and precision. You are not just stuffing it in an oven, closing the door and coming back in a few to check it. The pizzas were always getting moved around, spun and held in different places. Not many were cooking at one time. This takes a high level of personal attention and that is exactly the motto for this family owned business (or at least should be).

He ordered the pepperoni and cheese pizza. He explained, that it is a basic pizza that everyone serves up. It makes for an20151101_190327 easy comparison and if you can’t make a good pepperoni pizza, than you shouldn’t be making pizza… makes sense to me. His pepperonis were a little crisped and curled on the edges (just as they should be in his words). They packed a little more punch than some others and was most certainly not some Hormel ® brand equivalent. It tasted authentic. His sauce was a thin layer. It gave a little bit of a sweet after flavor that complemented the bitey pepperoni. The cheese was a prefect amount evenly melted. The pizza dough was also a little sweet with a distinct taste of fire. It had a few extra burnt crispy parts from the fire (this was not a bad thing). ($13.50)

20151101_190307I ordered the mushroom white pizza and added carmelized onions. This was magnificent. It was loaded with crimini mushrooms, cheese and fresh parsley. There was no “sauce” on the pizza, but probably a light olive oil rub with the juices from the mushrooms and onions. The onions which were a perfect addition to this pizza. They added a little sweetness and nice balance. It had the perfect combo of cheeses with mozzerella, gruyere and romano. The dough again left a sweet taste (not bad sweet) in your mouth and was very soft and airy. ($14 + $2 for topping)

More of that personal touch attention to detail, sodas are homemade and I can’t forget to mention the wonderful mint tea. Check their specials as they have some creative things on the list. For fall, they were offering a squash pizza. Sounded very enticing… to the both of us.

** Failed in the photo department for this post, they came out terrible. Should have pulled the DSLR out of my car.


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