Dogfish Head Alehouse

Finally, we were able to work out a birthday dinner with his family at Dogfish Head Alehouse. It was simple and a place we have yet to dine at together (I’ve been there with a couple girlfriends).

A Friday night there is crazy busy. We didn’t have problems getting a table (at least I don’t think so, I was late). But looking around the room, it was full at 6:00. That being sad, it is not a romantic quiet dinner you and your significant other may be looking for on date night (if you are those type of people). I am not sure one should expect that from a brewery anyway, but thought it was worth the mention. It was loud. I had difficult hearing all of the conversations at our table, but it was a good setting for a group that has never been. And even though it was full, the service was fast and our waiter was friendly!

2015110695181103They ordered some appetizers while they waited for me. The nachos which I did not sample. But they seemed like standard nachos loaded with chili, salsa and cheese. ($9.50). They also ordered the 20151106_181107Mediterranean hummus platter. This was described to come with two different types of hummus. There was a slight difference in color between the two and a minute change in taste, if I was really fishing for it. But, they were basically the same. It was served with warm soft pita bread and a few vegetables. A standard hummus dish. ($7.50)

For the sake of ease, I will only be reviewing our dishes. But, the others ordered: chicken sandwich, portobello gorgonzola burger, rustic burger and I don’t remember what his dad ordered. I think the consensus was that everyone enjoyed their food. I didn’t hear many complaints, if any.

20151106_184306I ordered the mahi-mahi tacos. After using the waiter to help my solve my ordering debate between them and the portobello burger. The plate came with black beans, Mexican rice and three fish tacos. The beans were just standard black beans out of can and the rice was nothing surprising. It had flavor, but nothing unique. The fish tacos were good. I have had mahi-mahi tacos in Florida and those were amazing (obviously since the fish is more fresh), but these were good. It was not overly dry. I have no complaints of the dish and would tell someone, it’s a solid choice. But, again, there was nothing outstanding about them. They came topped with a cabbage slaw and a small amount of chipotle mayo. The cabbage slaw added a nice texture and the mayo was not overbearing. The pico de gallo was simple. The dish was not spicy. ($16)

He ordered the french dip with fries. The slow roasted roast beef was very tender. It was served on a ciabatta bun with2015110695184308 caramelized onions (he of course removed) and provolone. It was a nice hearty sandwich. He enjoyed it, but again said it wasn’t anything special. The sample of ingredients I had was very good, but the meat is supposed to be tender. The sandwich also came with a horseradish mayo, which he did not use. The fries I got to sample were soggy, but it may have been just because they were sitting. He ordered some bbq sauce for them, which was outstanding. Maybe the most outstanding item on the table. ($12)

To sum up: it is a “safe” meal. You are getting standard items at standard quality. I would recommend to you, but I am not saying drop what you are doing and get there now!

For the beer drinkers… have some food and sample their beer!


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