Heckman’s Deli

Heckman’s Deli has been on my mind for a couple months now, roughly since I read the write up in the Washington Post. Per usual I was sold by their photos, how could you not be? Veteran’s Day, the day to thank our service men and women for our freedom, allowed us to have a midweek day date. Mostly it was spent being lazy and sleeping, but we also ate (and I played volleyball). Our plans were to hit up the Baltimore food scene, but the late start derailed our grandiose plans. I suggested Heckman’s in Bethesda, MD (Cordell Ave).They are a New York style Jewish deli serving up traditional Jewish dishes such as matzo ball soup, kugel, bagel and lox, plus many other fresh sandwiches made with in house prepared meats.

2015111195143220He built his own sandwich of roast beef, Swiss cheese and bacon on sourdough bread (but he was served plain white bread). It was not the best roast beef sandwich he had, but very good. The beef was rare and tender. The cheese was of good quality and the bacon was marvelous. ($13.75) We ordered a side of fries to share (tip: two people can definitely share one order, we were stuffed). Their fries were good and generous portion with a larger cut, but not wedges. ($3.50)


I have come to a realization. I need to stop trying to decide if it was the best [insert food item] I have had. While we were debriefing about our meal I don’t think I was evaluating it for what it was, but for how it compared to the reubans of the past. What it was, was an excellent reuban that makes me hungry thinking about it again. It was a thick hearty sandwich with an inch or two of corned beef. The sauerkraut and cheese were not of equal proportion to the corned beef (probably a good thing) and it was not heavy on the dressing. The corned beef was soft and tender. When biting into this large sandwich, it was prominently meat (obviously… look at it). The rye bread was perfectly toasted to a firm crispy bite. Each sandwich is served with a taste of coleslaw (unless it already comes on the sandwich). The coleslaw was very good, light and creamy. ($13)


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