Hwa Gae Jang Tuh

Saturday night we had date night with another couple… finally! We met up at Hwa Gae Jang Tuh (Korean BBQ restaurant) on Veirs Mill Road in Rockville, MD.

We ordered four different meats to split between the four of us. I think it was a reasonable amount for four people, could probably get away with only three (but we eat a lot). We ordered: bulgogi, marinated beef tenderloin, chicken and pork belly.20151114_201258

Bulgogi: It means fire meat in Korean and is simply amazing. It is thin cuts of beef, usually a sirloin or other prime cut. This was super tender and melted your mouth. It was marinated, but cooked in the kitchen rather than at our table. It came served on a bed on yellow onions and green onions. When you lean over a hot cooking area while searing meats to take a photo… this is what will happen.

20151114_201139Toshisal: This is more mainated beef, but a different cut. It was also very tender, but not much marinade. It was simple, but good. This was cooked at our table.

Samgyupsal Gui: (Pork belly) When we spotted this on the menu, I think we were all excited. Don’t waste your money. It is thick cut bacon with no flavor… store bought bacon is better. It had zero flavor, but was another item cooked at our table.

Dak Gui: This was a marinated boneless chicken breast. We didn’t20151114_201253pick the marinade, but it looks like you get a choice on the menu. I think we got the spicy one as it had a little bit of a kick, but not overwhelmingly spicy. While the coating was bursting with flavor, the actual chicken was on the drier side. This also came served with some onions and in thin rectangular pieces. I think you should also skip this dish. It was cooked in the kitchen.

20151114_200217When you order from the “auethentic dish” bbq menu, you get a variety of sides to include: white rice, kimchi, potatoes, salad, bean sprouts and a few other things along with miso soup. It is worth trying them all, you don’t know exactly what you are eating (at least we didn’t), but it is fun trying to figure out what everything is. He tried everything (including the bean sprouts)! The miso soup is very good and on point with some others that I have had.

For dessert they gave you rice water. Which tastes exactly as it sounds, 20151114_212130water from making the rice, a few pieces of rice and sugar added to sweeten. I understand it sounds terrible, but oddly, it was kind of good. Certainly interesting and a cheap dish. We all kind of agreed that it was oddly good. Very interesting cheap concept. Try it, before you turn your nose up!

*Disclosure: not the most detailed as conversation was happening and less thinking of what we were actually eating.

This was our third trip for Korean bbq (first for the blog). Our first trip was still the very best experience and most bang for our buck. That was a late Friday night after softball at Iron Age (can’t seem to find official website). Iron Age is located on Rockville Pike in Rockville, MD. It is so far our favorite Korean bbq experience. It was a better value. They had different packages with different amounts of meat types. We had picked the biggest package including roughly eight different meats. We rolled ourselves out the door that night and I have have needed to unbutton my pants. Our clothes and my hair gave off the aroma of cooked meats for days (well would have if we didn’t shower or do laundry)!


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