Mike & Son’s Sub Shop

First off… I don’t know who decided to start calling these sandwiches steak and cheeses… it is called a CHEESESTEAK! Get it right!

Sunday awoken my PA roots hankering for a CHEESESTEAK. While, MD is not the CHEESESTEAK capital, there are still some places to get a decent one. We decided to give Mike and Son’s Sub Shop (Randolph Rd, Rockville, MD) a try. It has been a staple to Rockville for many years (I think since the ’60s), but for some reason, this was his first visit.

Walking in the door, took me to my home town and our local pizza place. It smelled the same and was used hard and not remodeled in a number of years (if ever). It felt right! Now, before you bite my head off. I did not grow up in Philly so I am not comparing this to a traditional “Philadelphia” CHEESESTEAK, but to a normal, dripping, stuffed sandwich.

He ordered the “steak and cheese” with steak, cheese and bacon. I 20151115_133935thought his sandwich looked too dry, but he enjoyed every last bite. The bread was not homemade, but tasted fresh. The bacon was real and not skimped on. The meat was not overly fried up and the cheese was evenly melted. It was good! I should mention their standard “steak and cheese” comes with lettuce, tomato and mayo for $6.75. (I don’t remember how much ours were with our modifications.)

20151115_133926Probably for the first time of this blog, I completely butchered their sandwich to make it my own. I ordered a CHEESESTEAK with onions, mushrooms and sauce. Sauce is very weird for some places, so it isn’t always done correct. This was perfect. It was added to the meat, onion, mush mixture before being placed on the roll. The meat was again, not over fried and still tender. The onions were onions and the mushrooms were canned mushrooms (but in large quantity). My first few bites were mostly mushroom, but then it evened out. It was a solid CHEESESTEAK (not as messy as some) and is making me hungry for another thinking about it. I look forward to the exploration of the MD/DC CHEESESTEAK scene.

20151115_133941Oh, we also ordered mozzarella sticks, we were hungry. There was nothing special about them. They must have sat for a little before getting served because the cheese was not like molten lava inside (the roof of my mouth was greatful). The pizza sauce to dip was served cold, which I thought was odd. But didn’t mind too much, though we were hungry.


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