Sona Creamery

I really enjoy meeting in the city for dinner. The choosing process [of picking a place] is stressful, but the reward is always super! More and more, I think I could live closer/in the city… farm girl turned city? Say it isn’t so….

A Thursday night show at Gypsy Sally’s to see Patrick Sweany and one of my photographs soon to be on display at the Ripley Center brought me into DC! The only acceptable thing to do was get dinner before the show.

Sona Creamery… the place all about cheese. Yes, they make their own on site! Cream for their cheese comes from a local dairy! You can find them not far from Capital Hill off Pennsylvania Ave SE.

We started with some cheese curds. This was only my second experience. They were perfect! The cheese was soft, creamy and stringy encrusted in a perfectly fried light breading. They came with an interesting dipping sauce. We couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was, but come to learn that it was a mayo, ketchup mixture with some seasonings. Simple, but really worked.

20151119_170445He ordered the classic grilled stuffed mac n cheese. If you are scratching your head it means classic macaroni and cheese placed between two slices of sourdough bread [and cheese (tillamook cheddar, comté and cabot cheddar ] and grilled. The bread was thick and held the oozing cheesiness inside. The mac n cheese inside was creamy and cheesy. It had complex flavor in a simple concept. ($8)

That lovely little dish of brown stuff in the photo is none other than bacon jam. It has bacon, so it has to be good right? Wrong! It is ABSOLUTELY F#%@KING AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Bacon jam may be the best thing to have crossed my taste buds. I could have sat and placed 100 more orders of that. It is basically a sweet bacon relish with caramelized onions. I will be trying to make some, if not this weekend, soon. ($3)

20151119_170422I ordered mac n cheese, but not just your run of the mill cheddar baked mac n cheese. I had the truffle pancetta mac. These noodles came baked in tillamook cheddar, comté and smoked mozzerella with sautéed mushrooms. Not as creamy as one might think, but still very cheesy. The cheese was soft and stringy. None of the cheeses were overly strong, but there was a touch of sharpness. It was another simple dish taken to a whole new level. The mushrooms and pancetta  completed the cheese flavors. ($9) Once he gave me the yuck onion face [from the bacon jam], I knew it was all for me. I added that to my dish which only made it better!

And don’t forget to check out the cheese caves when you visit!


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