Kabu Steakhouse

It’s been quite some time, but we are bringing you a restaurant on my side of the state in good ol’ PG county. Laurel, like Bowie, seems to the epicenter to the chain restaurant industry, but if you look hard enough you might be able to support something other than corporate America.

Kabu Steakhouse is located off Baltimore Ave in Laurel, MD. It is an expansive restaurant with many hibachi tables, a sushi bar and a few regular tables to order from the kitchen. On a Monday night, it was easy to get seated. We luckily joined in with another group just in time to get our orders in quickly.

A20151123_182926ll hibachi dinners come with a salad and soup (like all other Japanese steakhouses). I ate both our shares of soup and salad. I look forward to their simple broth soup. But this one was not very good. It had a lot of black pepper… too much. The salad was the standard iceberg lettuce with maybe another veggie or two with their dressing. The dressing was better than some I  have had, but the salad was watery. I don’t know if the lettuce wasn’t dried or the dressing had too much water.

Dinners come with both rice and noodles. At most other steakhouses, you typically get one or the other unless you specifically ask for 1/2 and 1/2. I enjoy getting a mix of rice and noodle so this was an absolute point in their favor! Both rice and noodles had good flavor, sometimes I feel the noodles get bland, but these were not one bit. Our chef did a great job!

20151123_183657He ordered the steak and chicken combo. The steak was grilled to a perfect temperature and had good flavor. The chicken was chicken. It had some teriyaki flavor, but not overwhelming. I thought it was a little dry, but basically just your standard chicken. Yes, those are earthy items on his plate. He picked out a few pieces of broccoli and carrot before turning his vegetables over to me. ($20)

Having leftovers for lunchthe next day, excited me about this as our 20151123_183703dinner option. So I made sure to pace myself leaving an adequate amount. I splurged for the steak and scallops. My steak was also grilled very well. While I have had better scallops, these were most certainly not terrible. Some were a little on the sandy side, but others were nice and tender… seared to a good color. The vegetables were perfect. Sometimes they can get a little over done, but these were perfect for my liking. I like to still feel the texture of that zucchini or carrot. ($23)


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