Old Bowie Grill

Historic old Bowie, MD is quite lackluster and came with disappointment when I did a drive by roughly 1 year ago. It is mostly antiques with one restaurant and a cafe. The cafe is amazing… the restaurant, not so much.

Old Bowie Town Grille is centered in “downtown” Bowie. It has a charming family friendly tavern feel. They offer live music and trivia plus a small bar.

20151204_192458He ordered the pork chop with mashed potatoes and gravy. While it may appear to be an excellent dinner, it was sub-par. We will say the pork was good. It was served medium and still remained juicy. It was not dried out at all. It genuinely had good flavor. The mashed potatoes were most certainly instant. I have had some decent instant potatoes or at least ones you couldn’t exactly say for sure were instant. But these, there terrible. They lacked flavor completely. And the gravy, that was not anything spectacular either. ($18) Not worth the money…

I ordered a side salad to start (should have just gone with a big salad). It was just a basic salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. My entree was the rock fish tacos with a side of rice pilaf. The rice… it was so boring. There was not a lot of flavor and just plain bland. The tacos came with fried fish (first mistake), iceberg, tomato, cheddar cheese and cilantro ranch dressing. This was shamefully my first rock fish (striped bass) experience. It is a mild white fish, but being fried that was all I tasted… fry batter. I guess I would say there were mediocre, but I would never recommend them to you. And I will not judge my future rock fish eating on this experience. ($15 with salad)

They serve wings which seem maybe more their style. I would be willing to try them. I wold also consider grabbing a drink or two with the locals since it is one of the only bars in a short distance to my house. They have several tvs, so could be a good place to catch football or other sporting broadcast.

Again, we have yet to find my sneak away restaurant in the area…


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