It is December! For me, that means Christmas lights and music! For him that means… fine I will take you, but I don’t like it. He is a holiday scrooge.

We had tons of Christmas light plans for Saturday, but nothing panned out. First was the boat parade in Alexandria, VA… missed that. Second was the zoolights at the National Zoo… missed that. So when I had a yummy place figured out for dinner, it was no surprise that there was a long wait. Instead, we ended up at the place next door. Reading over the menu, we were skeptical as it was slightly intimidating for our amateur cultural eating. But I said, “let’s just do it”! It was not super busy for being small and we got seated right away…

We were thrilled with our “spontaneous” pick of Bul (18th St NW Adams Morgan, Washington, DC). Usually we have he has spent some time reading reviews, checking Yelp ratings or have read about it through various social media platforms/magazines… but Bul was a stranger to us and we couldn’t have been more pleased to meet him/her. Since Saturday, Bul has had photos popping up in our Instagram feed from fellow foodies.

We were hungry and with an appetizing appetizer menu, we had to order some. Of course, the shareable choices were limited. So many things looked wonderful and I (she) wanted to try, but he wouldn’t eat most of them with their earth infusion and sea creature ingredients. So like any fat American… we ordered fries and popcorn chicken. Before you get all judgmental, let me explain and show you…

20151205_195150The fries were “soaked” in a honey butter sauce. They were fresh cut thick wedges. These fries were unique. The flavor was simple, but good. The potato wedge itself was a little dry and may have sat out for a little or needed an oil change. But, I would recommend them to a fellow fatty! ($5)

The popcorn chicken is very much unlike the the K.F.C Chicken (or 20151205_195438whoever makes that) that you may be thinking of. This bite-size chicken was fried and tossed in a spicy sweet red pepper sauce. It was superb and I could eat more. As we waited for our order, I believe every single table around us either was receiving their order or placing their order. It came as a manageable appetizer size or huge dinner order with not to bite-size chicken. It seemed to be a very popular item, for good reason. It definitely packed a lingering warming of your mouth, but was not overbearing and had a sweet introduction to the tasters before giving them a punch. That is some friendly tender chicken… ($8)

20151205_195359For dinner, I ordered bulgogi dolsot (dolsot meaning stone pot). This was a rice dish with bulgogi, of course, vegetables and a raw egg. It was as wonderful as it looks. The bulgogi in this dish was just as good as other times I have had it. It was tender and so flavorful. It came served with the spicy sweet red pepper sauce (at least that is what I think it was). That added a whole new level to this dish. It gave depth to what simply may have been flat. It also added a little punch, which altered my tastings. The stone pot came piping hot and kept the dish hot for the entire meal. It was delicious and so warming on a cold night. The vegetables added color and texture while blending well with the flavors. ($14) The only difference between this order and Bibimbap (meaning mixed rice) was the hot stone pot and $2.

12364158_10153710177461145_1954674437_oHe was on a pork kick last week. He ordered tonkatsu (pork cutlet). This comes fried with a spicy sauce on top. It is most always served with shredded cabbage (I enjoyed, help put the fire out in my mouth). The pork was tender and not dry with a light breading. Besides the cabbage, it came with white rice, ginger and yellow pickled radishes (danmuji). I enjoyed the danmuji (also helped put the fire in mouth out and had a lovely texture). He thought it was interesting… aka I won’t be eating more of that. ($11)

We both had large helpings making for some very full diners. The staff was friendly and attentive. The atmosphere was modern and playing hip-hop, I was ready to hit the clubs and have a dance party (we did not).



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