West End Grille

It was the last volleyball of the season and another night of losses to bring our record to 7-23, yep we are that awesome! But hey, last season we made playoffs!

He came to support me in my game (see.. he can be a good guy). After my loss and his viewing of another not so great showing, we grab dinner. It was 9:30, so options start to get limited for late night eats. Lucky for us (and anyone else looking for late night grub), West End Grille was open until 2 AM.

I have been hankering for wings as of late, so that was a must have for me. Since they claim to have “award winning” wings, it seemed like the perfect choice. I went with the mess free option of boneless. I was tired and didn’t feel like eating with my hands… judge as you wish. They come in orders of six or twelve. With the order of twelve, you may not mix sauces. It is only one sauce per order, I know… silly. So I splurged for an extra $1.50 and did two orders of six. I was really intrigued by the blueberry BBQ, but was afraid to commit to all six wings. I ordered it on the side and was bummed because it was delicious and I would have loved to have had it smothered all over six wings. Instead, I ordered the garlic teriyaki and the bourbon BBQ. I thoroughly enjoyed the teriyaki, but was not so crazy about the bourbon BBQ. It just wasn’t as flavorful as I hoped. I ended up covering those with the blueberry. All in all, they were good boneless wings. A fair size and not overly breaded. The chicken was juicy and the sauces were thick and coated the chicken well. ($10.50)

20151209_215832He ordered his french dip with fries. It was a good sandwich. Lots of flavor and the meat was very tender. He enjoyed it. The bun was simple, but let’s face it, it is what is inside the really matters… the meat and cheese. The fries were scrumptious. They had a perfect crispy outside and soft potato inside. They tasted marvelous being dipped in the blueberry BBQ sauce. ($10)

Wednesday nights, they do trivia. We just missed it…


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