Vasilis Mediterranean Grill

Friday was date night with Christmas infusion (aka Winter Lights at Seneca Creek State Park).

When we were trying to decide what our dinner plans were going to be, we kept you in mind. We looked at what food categories were lacking and chose from that. Hence why we are bringing you Greek flavors from Vasilis Grill in Kentlands (Gaithersburg, MD). It is a tiny place with a quaint family atmosphere in the Kentlands shopping area. They will soon be moving to an old diner for more space, we wanted to get in before the move happened. While I am happy that business is booming and they are expanding, they will lose their boutique restaurant. Hopefully, the flavor and customer service will not be lost.

We started with an appetizer of saganaki. This is greek cheese (kasseri) fried! It comes flaming hot, literally, it is set on fire for a final crisp and put out with the juice of a lemon. It was amazing. The outside was a thin layer of crisp to protect the oozing cheese inside. The cheese itself was very creamy, but dense. It was similar to a mozzarella. The lemon added some acidity to a flat taste. It was exceptional! ($10)

20151211_195326For dinner, he could have taken the easy road (like I did), but he didn’t! He went outside of his safety meat box and ordered something we were both intrigued by… it was a proud moment for me! He had the pastichio. The best way for me to explain it to you is think of lasagna. It was baked  of ground beef and noodles and topped with béchamel sauce (white sauce made from a roux, French origins). He loved it and I did too. He said every layer had a unique interesting flavor. It came served with green beans and a Greek salad. ($16)

I wanted to go outside the box, but I was having a strong pull toward the 20151211_195256lamb kabobs… so that is what I ordered. The tzatziki was wonderful, the cucumbers were finely chopped and mixed in. The lamb was also very delicious. It was marinated to bring out the natural lamb flavor. It was tender and done to the perfect temperature. The vegetables were grilled and still crunchy. The rice was nothing fancy, but still a good texture and taste. It was a wonderful dish. I am disappointed that I did not order something else (like the moussaka), but this was a great choice. It also came with a Greek salad. ($20)

We didn’t need dessert, but our wonderful waiter sold us on something anyway. We ordered the special of the night, bougatsa. The only words word I have for you is WOW. We kept saying it over and over. It was absolutely amazing. A flaky pastry with warm creamy filling topped with blueberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar and cinnamon. ($7)






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