Kirby’s Pub

Sunday meant football especially since the Washington Redskins are trying to get the division title…scary, that can be a sentence. I won’t pretend to be able to talk football (though I do participate in a fantasy league and do pretty well for myself), but I do know they haven’t been one of the best teams going and still are far from it!

We picked a bar that we could park in front of a TV and eat for all 3 hours of the game. Kirby’s Pub foot the bill. We probably could have found a better option, but it was reasonable and had a local feel. It was only us and a few other regulars.

They have great specials during football. Specials are “mini” versions of the appetizer menu (but, they are actually the same size). For $5 you can get a lot of food.

20151220_134641We started with old goat garlic mild BBQ wings (don’t remember the exact name). They were saucy and crispy. Not bad and pretty meaty. One site I found rated them as being the best wings in Ocean City… I am not sure about that, but not having any other wings there, I don’t know. They were decent, but that is all. The BBQ had a little kick, but nothing serious. The blue cheese dressing was very creamy and most definitely out of a bottle. ($5.25)

I ordered the crab dip. I was hungry for crab and super disappointed with 20151220_135026my decision. It was a basic roll, hollowed out to make a bowl. The crab dip had a decent amount of fine crab meat, but just not good flavor. There was cheese melted over the top. It all tasted better when I dipped the bread in his leftover wing sauce, that gave it some extra taste! It was not worth the price. ($11.25)

20151220_142645Then we got the mini nachos with chili. There were more like smothered potato chips. I may go out on a limb and say they make their own chips, but I am not sure. They were smothered in chili, cheese and jalapenos. I will say they were fine. But, I could probably make the same thing, if not better. It was a good bang for your buck with the football special, I would not order them at regular price. ($5.25)

Lastly, he ordered a cheese quesadilla. We should have just gone to the 20151220_151949store and made them in our hotel room. He said it was the most basic thing.  Didn’t even taste like the Kraft 3 cheese Mexican mix at the store, just straight up a bag of cheddar. They were served on a sun dried tomato pita (at least I hope something like that) and loaded with cheese. But very simple and don’t waste your money… even if it is the football special. ($5.25)

With all of that food, we skipped dinner that night (well I had a snack of my Italian leftovers). If you are looking for a place with character and local vibe, go have a drink at Kirby’s… otherwise, try somewhere else!



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