The place “where all the Jews go!” Rosenfelds Jewish Deli is the only Jewish deli within a 2 hour drive of Ocean City, MD. The owner originally from Montgomery County, MD opened in Ocean City in 2013.

20151221_112141It was a great find on our way out Monday! Definitely the best food we ate all weekend on our trip. It is a quaint deli with lots of service and little space! They make you feel at home!

20151221_112133They start you with kosher pickles from a barrel sitting in the corner. Being a pickle lover, these were great pickles. Cold and crunchy, just as they were meant to be!

He ordered a roast beef sandwich with 20151221_113044Swiss cheese and turkey bacon on challah bread. The bread was sweet and very soft. The beef was tender and not as rare as some places, but still very delicious. The turkey bacon was done well. He enjoyed his dry sandwich. While I thought it looked good, I need some condiments or something. It was too dry for my liking. ($13)

20151221_113054I went for my go to deli sandwich… a reuban also known as Paul’s traditional. This was mighty tasty. The corned beef was excellent! Everything about this sandwich was excellent. The bread was fresh and lightly grilled, there was enough sauerkraut. Just a very good sandwich! ($12) We also ordered a side of fries (not really needed, but we are pigs…) They were standard fries. ($5)

Whether you are Jewish, half-Jewish or know someone that might be.. you can’t go wrong with Rosenfelds! They will also soon be having a food truck!


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