20151223_193153Post Ocean City we made plans to spend the eve of Christmas Eve together, since our holidays are spent with our families. After talking about BBQ all weekend, I already knew what I wanted and so did he, but apparently he couldn’t wait. BBQ was consumed Monday, Tuesday and then again Wednesday for him. We decided on Rocklands in Rockville, MD (Wintergreen Plaza on Rockville Pike).

I wouldn’t described them as the traditional BBQ joint. Looking in the window or checking out their photos, you may ask why not. Their taste is a nontraditional sauced up sandwich.


20151223_191537He had the brisket sandwich with a side of mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. I believe the same thing he had the night before… so much variety. Eh, I can fall in a rut too… the exact reason we unknowingly started eating at different places which developed into this lovely little slice of blogging. He loves the brisket. It is a tender piece of beef that isn’t as rare as some other places. Rocklands’ claim to fame is that nothing is made with electricity or propane. They use firewood for all of their meats and that is reflected in the taste. The beef is topped with a light amount of sauce on a simple bun. He loves their mac n cheese. It is creamy and saucey. The mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy with bits of their red skins in them. ($14 for platter)

20151223_191507I had chopped pork  with mac n cheese and coleslaw. The pork was soft and tender, also giving off that smoke wood flavor. It was topped with a small amount of BBQ sauce with a few sauteed onions. I enjoy mac n cheese, but am picky about it. He raved about it, so I gave it a try. As I thought, I didn’t care for it very much. It was cheesy and it was creamy, but it seemed like a cheese sauce rather than melted cheese like I enjoy. I don’t think they used Velveeta, but it had that texture. The coleslaw however, was outstanding. It was not your typical shredded cabbage. It had peas and chopped carrots. The dressing was light. I loved it! ($11)

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays! We will be heading to Pennsylvania for New Years celebrations. If my family let’s us out of the house, look for a NEPA restaurant review!




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