2015 in review

We decided we would jump on “the year end” boat with everyone else. Thanks for being a part of our first year! We will continue to grow and hopefully so will my grammar and blogging skills! Below is a list of our favorites from this year:


Washington, DC:


**DCity Smokehouse – Since changed locations, maybe the new location is acceptable to visit

Dr. Granville Moore’s

**Garden District

**Kangaroo Boxing Club

**Sona Creamery


Heckman’s Deli


Kielbasa Factory


Full On

**Fish Taco

Beans in the Belfry – For their atmosphere



** Denotes places that I need to find other friends to visit with! My absolute favorites!


2 thoughts on “2015 in review

  1. Good picks . I really enjoyed the food in Costa Rica as well . It was simple and a bit of an adventure. Just driving along the road and stopping for lunch at what is pretty much some ones home. That one restaurant in the capital city of San Jose where we ate at an Argentinian restaurant was amazing. The food was of high quality, in the states it would of cost similar to a Ruth Chris, but wasn’t too expensive in Costa Rica.


  2. Thank you for your comment. La Esquina de Buenos Aires in San Jose on 11th Street, was certainly the most amazing dinner in Costa Rica and we would recommend to everyone (in fact we have) to check it out. It was probably the best steak I have had and that sangria was delicious!


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