White Haven Diner

White Haven’s (Pennsylvania) well known greasy spoon, the White Haven Diner is where most people growing up/living in the area have been at least a few times. If not, they are certainly not local. This is the place to go after church on Sunday or before heading out on the boat to catch “the big one” or into the woods to get that trophy for over the fireplace. Or just because it is the place to go!

I believe most hit it up for breakfast, but they have the standard diner lunch options too. I have been countless times for breakfast and only a few for lunch. Since our first lunch option was closed, this was the obvious next choice. With a short jaunt across the street to get cash from the ATM, we were ready to order up some grub. (No, they do not accept credit/debit cards)

They are infamous for their ginormous burgers, which most people talk

Photo Credit: My sister (Ham & Cheese Omelet)

about being amazing. They are about the size of a 9 inch plate. I am not joking. You can customize them anyway you want. It is a good burger, on the thin side, but full of flavor (I think that is called grease). They also have some really great omelets, also quite large. That is my typical breakfast order, but western style.

20160103_123531He went with northeastern United States diner dish, cream chipped beef. It is roux with slivers of re-hydrated dried chipped beef, typically served over toast. It is a dish he enjoys, but does not get all that often. The sauce was thick and creamy with a good amount of chipped beef. It was served over two thick slices of Texas toast (you know.. everything is bigger in Texas). Sometimes it is served with regular toast which can get very soggy. This thick cut could handle the job! ($7) He enjoyed it and took him down memory lane to when he use to have it as a child.


After eating lots of food the days prior, a salad sounded like a good option. Even though, there were probably just as many calories in this as other dishes. The chicken was fried, but I am sure they would grill it, if you asked. The eggs were slightly over boiled and just plain old iceberg lettuce, but it was a hearty salad. It also included crumbled bacon (real bacon), cheese and tomato. It was served with honey mustard dressing which I kept. I knew the vinegar would be nothing worth switching too (they use white). It was simply a diner salad. ($8)

The service is always good and where else do you get a meal this cheap? If you go at premium breakfast time, plan to stand in the foyer waiting for a table. They are limited with space with maybe 10 booths and 20 bar stools. Good luck finding a parking spot. The lot usually fills up too. This is a family business and many of it’s customers stay loyal with the ski season out of towners!


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