El camino

Tacos were the inspiration of Saturday night. We make a good eating team. My taste buds lead the way while his mind (thanks resources) does the locating. Together… we eat well!

Thanks to Eater DC, we rolled up to El Camino. They offer appetizers, tacos for $2.50 or $3.50 (pending what you want), and a few entree options starting at $20.


We started with guac and chips. You have the option to make your own or have the housemade. We didn’t specify so ended up with the housemade. It was standard guacamole with chunks of avocados and a small amount of hot sauce for the zing. It was good, nothing out of this world, but it was fresh. ($9)

L to R: Mushroom, Fish and Carnitas

The mushroom was an unique addition to the menu. I can’t say I have ever had a mushroom taco. It was simple cheese, arugula and mushrooms on a corn tortilla. For a basic concept it had good flavor and I may start making my own.

The fish was very good. It was light and buttery. It tasted fresh with a light breading. This taco also had lots of flavor. It was topped with pineapple and shredded cabbage.

The carnitas (meaning little meats) was small braised pieces of tender pork. Though the pork was very good, it got lost under the salsa verde which packed some heat. I enjoyed this taco, but wished for less sauce, but that just may be my sissy taste buds.


Top to Bottom to Right: Chicken, Carne asada and chorizo & potato ($2.50)

He ordered everything without the toppings… but it wasn’t served that way. The waitress apologized and would have taken it back, but we didn’t put up a stink. He picked his way through with a disgusted look. As a whole, he enjoyed the tender meats, but was not overly thrilled.

We would not say we disliked our meals because they were good, but it was underwhelming of what we expected. The atmosphere had a good vibe and seemed like a nice place to hang out if you live in the area. Could be a nice spot for a quick taco snack, but I won’t be raving about it for all of you to check out. Again, they did a great job, but I was underwhelmed. There are some really great places in the area, one being just outside the city in Cabin John (Fish Taco).



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