Hill Country

One of the raved about BBQ joints in DC, serving up meats and sides in a Texas style market format is Hill Country. Last week we went to an art gallery opening at Long View Gallery for Mike Weber. Even with their delicious hors d’oeuvres, we were on a mission for dinner. One of his friends was at the Capitals game, so we strolled our way toward Verizon Center to meet up with them.

Unfortunately, it was 9:30 and Hill Country stops serving food at 10 during the week. I would recommend going much earlier. By the end of the night, the unwanted food has been sitting around and the pickings are slim. The only meats left that night were chicken, chopped beef sandwiches and some ribs. Most of the sides still seemed available, at least everything I was looking for.

20160114_214006He ordered the beef sandwich which came flowing out of its bun with a side of mac n cheese and cornbread. This picture makes the sandwich look like dog food, but we assure you it was not scraped from a pull tab can. Despite his disdain for leftover food, I believe he still enjoyed it. You may know by now how picking I am when it comes to mac n cheese (I partially blame my father), but this was some good mac n cheese. It was baked and cheesy, but not saucy cheesy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it didn’t even need ketchup!

I had a half of a chicken. BBQ chicken is not a favorite of mine, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling the ribs (kicks self). The chicken was still moist and had flavor, but didn’t do anything outstanding for my taste sensors. I much prefer my BBQ pig cuts. But the fact that it had probably been made a several hours before finding its way to my lips and was not dried out, I think speaks volumes. I also had a side of corn bread muffins and the cucumber salad. The corn bread was good, but would have been better fresh and came served with some interesting butter. My cucumber salad was very good and had a nice vinegar flavor. The cucumbers were still fresh and crunchy.20160114_214039

Not the best scenario for a review, but I still enjoyed my food and he will most likely go back since he knows of the good quality they prepare. All together, our meal was $30. But, if you are one of the last ones in line, you could probably score some freebies! They do  have life music (at least on Thursdays) that is totally worth checking out for a break from your mundane work week.


2 thoughts on “Hill Country

  1. This post made me super happy because: 1. I live in the Texas hill country, and 2. I love macaroni and cheese! Cheese lovers unite!

    Also, I really like how you describe the foods that you try. My blog involves testing & rating different queso dishes, and it seems like I end up using the same adjectives over and over. Your reviews are concise and clear, and I feel like I can practically taste the foods you’re talking about. …Anddd now I’m hungry 🙂


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