Big Greek Cafe

When it comes to lazy days we spend hours figuring out what we want. There are lists and places that stick in the back of our minds. Should we eat here, should we drive to Baltimore or VA, maybe we should save for a different day? Sometimes the options are too overwhelming and our stomachs can’t figure out what they want. This was one of those days…

Big Greek Cafe on Norbeck Rd in Rockville, MD is the neighbor of a past dining excursion (Full On) and ultimately how I think we discovered the cafe. Big Greek Cafe has the fast casual vibe without the fast taste.

20160118_14564920160118_144950He had already been there without me and recommended one of the specials. He knows his proteins, so I took his suggestion and ordered the kontosouvli platter (marinated chunks of braised pork). The pork was outstanding. Salty and crispy with some bites, soft and tender with another. It was perfectly cooked and big flavor. It fell apart at the spear of my fork. He was not wrong with his recommendation. The platter came with a small Greek salad, a side of warm pita and a side of fries. If you take the time to look up Big Greek Cafe, you will see many praising their Greek fries. I subbed plain old fries for their feta and herb Greek fries! They are amazing and a stand alone reason to check this place out. The fries are not overly greasy and buried in feta (perhaps not quite like Snowzilla 2016). (~$11)

20160118_145714His taste buds were torn, he really wanted the kontosouvli (I gave him some of mine), but decided to try something new. He went with the grilled lamb chops. He enjoyed his chops. They executed the lamb well, staying soft and not drying out. He also went for the Greek fries, but nixed the salad and carbo-loaded with an order of the seasoned potatoes. The potatoes were well seasoned with slightly crispy skins. (~$11)

We “wasted” much of our morning that day trying to decide what we were going to eat, that I have decided to get a basket and write in restaurants for us to pick when we are being indecisive. Stay tuned for further updates on how that works out!


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