Matthews Pizza

Snowzilla hit the DC/Maryland area hard and things are still not quite normal, but slowly getting there. For many city inhabitants this storm was a disaster, but despite shoveling your car out multiple times and marking your turf with household items (i.e. chairs and laundry baskets), at least you were not stranded in your cal-de-sac being forced to cook for yourself. Many restaurants in both cities found ways to stay open and offer up some snow deals!

Matthews Pizzeria managed to stay open during the storm. They have been an area favorite since starting in 1943 and continue to be ranked as Balitmore’s best pizza. We like pizza and after burning the calories lifting shovel after shovel and him being storm “damage” nosey, we drove to Baltimore for pizza on one of our several days of government closing!

It’s a tiny place with about ten tables. But, its’ character could not be more inviting and welcoming employees. It is intimate and conversations all seem to roll into one. When someone walks in the door, there is a good chance it is not their first and won’t be their last. Their menu does have another dishes besides pizza, but being our visit we had to have the pizza.


He ordered the three cheese with pepperoni. The three cheese consists of hand grated mozzarella, Argentinian reggianito and ricotta cheeses. Their pizzas are heavy handed on the cheese grater, be sure to be a slight cheese enthusiast. The ricotta and mozzarella gave it a creamy milky texture to compliment the hard reggianito.  The pepperoni was nicely crisped. One of the reviews posted on the wall, read about “snappy sauce”. It is not snappy in a spicy way. (Grande $11.50)

I had the “great white” with portobello mushrooms. A white pizza with two cheeses, mozzarella and reggianito, and sweet onions. While the mushrooms did not add much to this pizza except texture, the onions had a huge impact on the gooey slightly burnt cheese. The reggianito stood out over the mozzarella and the sweetness of the onions complimented. (Grande $11)

Now let’s talk about their crust. It is thick and buttery with burnt edges, but baked to a perfect golden brown color. While it is thick, it is not dense like some pizzas. There is never a point in the chewing process where you think, “boy, this is just too doughy.” It paired perfectly with the amount of cheese they use to top it. It comes in a large (10 inch) or small (8 inch) personal size. We both ordered a large, but I took two pieces home. He finished his off, but did not eat the rest of the day. Their pizza is their own and unlike most others I have experienced. It certainly does rank up with some of the best pizza we have had.


Yucky weather recommendation… if it is too nice to get outside, head to the mall for a stroll and getaway from the TV and Netflix. And’t don’t be afraid to check out the used massage chairs, after some shoveling, they are worth every dollar!


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