For each foot of snow, we got to miss a day of work. 2 feet = 2 days, which meant he was stuck in Bowie with me an extra day… [insert evil laugh]! The last of our snow days were spent relaxing, we had grand plans, but the execution failed. Volleyball put us on a time schedule. I felt it had been too long since a beef patty passed over my taste buds.

BurgerFi would seem to fit the bill. They have a few locations mostly on the east coast, but a few out west. We hit up the Laurel, MD location. It had an industrial, fast casual vibe. You order at counter and are given a number. They have pre-selected burgers or you may build your own. The double patty is standard. They do have a 28 day dry aged burger that comes only as a standard sandwich with an extra price tag, we didn’t try that, but were intrigued. I am curious if it has that much different of taste, it would have to right? Their claim to fame is that their burgers are 100% Angus, grass fed, and do not include any hormones or antibiotics. They also hand cut all their potatoes to make fries.



He ordered the double with swiss cheese and bacon. He enjoyed his burger and thought it was slightly on the juicy side. ($9) He ordered a side of BBQ sauce, which was delicious. I am not sure if they made their own or what brand they use. We inquired about the Peter Luger sauce, ,and the employee said not to waste our time. It was not good. We valued her opinion and appreciated her honesty. But the sauces don’t end there. They have a bunch of options, but all (except ketchup and mustard) are behind the counter. And some cost a little extra. They even have their our BurgerFi sauce.




I had a double, skipping the cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and mushrooms with bacon. ($9) I also requested the Fi sauce, but it was forgotten (no big deal, I just went and asked for some). The Fi sauce was really good, I enjoyed it on the burger and with the fries. I can’t really put my tongue on all the flavors, but I tasted hints of garlic and cheese with ketchup and mayo base. It was good. We ordered a large fry to share and it was more than enough for us. They were good fries. ($5) The burger was decent, but I felt the burger was a little dry and to bring back an old vocab word… lackluster. I scarfed it down in record time, but would probably not drive out of my way to give it a chance. If I was shopping in the area, sure.



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