Il Pizzico

He has been working a begrudging 7 days a week for the past few months (except for those special Mondays). But, overtime shifts mean easy money and extra $$$! Though I would rather not have to wake up at 3:30 am to say bye, money for travel and good food is hard to bargain with. Lately, we have up-ed our “fancy pants” meals. I think that is his way of justifying those hours to me… it may be working.

20160129_204746Friday night we rolled up in our paint chipped ride to Il Pizzico in search of a nice meal and parking. He was sporting a nice button down flannel and me in whatever outfit I thought worked at the time, we sat at the bar with a glass of wine (they have an extensive bottle list of Italian wines, but a smaller by the glass list) feeling like the young kids who just fell into money… i was pay weekend. It was busy and we waited a little while for a table, but gave us time to chat and figure out what we wanted to eat.

It is a nice setting for a date night, but probably not for large groups or children. There were many other couples and small groups. The restaurant is not very large, but we enjoy an intimate setting. It was slightly noisy, but not so noisy that you couldn’t hear the person you were meant to be listening to. The staff were attentive and kept an eye for people needing assistance and to clear plates.

We discussed appetizers, but decided there was nothing really for the two of us to share 20160129_211008that we wanted… then the waiter came with the specials. On special that night was tuna tartare. Back story, a few weeks ago I had to listen to a wonderful meal my sister had (including scrumptious tuna tartare) while I drove home from volleyball to ultimately grab something at McDonalds. Ok back to MY tuna tartare, I knew he wasn’t going to eat any, but I couldn’t pass it up. The waiter had my mouth dripping just explaining it. I should have recorded him to explain it better to you. They made tiny ice cream cones filled them with tuna and drizzled with a light cream and balsamic reduction. Exquisite would be the best way to describe it. The tuna just melted away in your mouth, as might ice cream. The cones were wafer and light adding a nice crunchy texture. I had no trouble polishing off all four, he did have a little taste, but made that “oh yuck, why?” face. ($13)

20160129_211947The entire planning process of where to go, he discussed steak. It was no surprise that was what he ordered. Tagliata Di Manzo Boscaiola is a Hereford strip loin smothered with wild mushrooms in a red wine reduction. A Hereford sirloin is USDA certified NY strip steak trimmed of all the excess fat making for a lean tender cut. He ordered medium which came out as such, but I would have preferred slightly more red. It was still very soft and tender. It was served with a side of some of the creamiest mashed potatoes I have had. I enjoyed his scraped off mushrooms which held the flavors of the dish. ($26)

I was excited to be able to have more fish! Swordfish was on the menu and calling my 20160129_211859name. It was served over a bed of wilted spinach and done in a rosemary lemon sauce. It was a thin filet, but a large piece. It was soft and the texture was right for this denser fish. The lemon and rosemary flavor was strong, but not too much. I did enjoy my dish, but there was something lacking for me. I felt like maybe I should have ordered the pasta. There were a fair amount of non pasta dishes surrounding us, but many of the dishes I saw come out of the kitchen were pasta. I think my dish just didn’t measure up to the expectations I had and my excitement. ($24)

20160129_214927Wine, appetizer, entrees… we went all in and had dessert too. But not just any old dessert. This was a lemon tart with a chocolate base and chocolate and raspberry drizzle. Look at it… how could you not want any? It was magnific. The tart of the lemon was sweetened with the chocolate in a buttery crust. They hit it out of the park. If it was to be my last dessert on earth, I may be ok with that. It was just absolutely amazing, I don’t know how else it say it. It was simply wonderful and I felt very reasonably priced. ($8)


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