Beef’N Bread

Warning: may contain graphic images…

Looking for a quick fix or grab-n-go while running around DC? Stop at Beef’N Bread in Chinatown (6th St NW) . It is a short walk (very short if you exit properly) from Gallery-Place/Chinatown metro. Actually, even if you are across town somewhere get Uber and get over here.

This place is tiny (and down a couple steps) so maybe don’t bring grandma in her wheel chair, unless it is nice out, but take her some home. They have about five chairs inside along two windows and maybe ten chairs outside. Have a back up plan ready for eating! I lucked out, hit it before the rush, to score two seats while I waited for him. This place is fairly new and has not yet made it on every bloggers computer screens yet, but it is coming. He even had already been twice. They specialize in slow roasted turkey, roast beef and corned beef. Every sandwich is customizable and they have a couple vegetarian options.

We ordered a side of mac n cheese, which he had not yet had, but only heard good things. It did not disappoint. It was similar to my family recipe and up there on my list of favorite ordered out mac n cheese. It was baked until the cheese was melted throughout and the top layer of noodles crisped just slightly. A simply delicious little side of mac n cheese. (~$4)

20160130_142225He stuck to his favorite, the hot and sweet, but made it his own by eliminating the jalapeno sauce and of course adding bacon. So it became of a sweet roast beef sandwich, pun intended. The roast beef is finely shaved and super tender. It is on the rare side, but just melts in your mouth. The sauce adds flavor to this sandwich, but the meat has its own succulent flavor from the roasting process. The bun is soft and pourous, allowing the flavors and juice to soak in. For the first time in like ever, he scarfed his food down before I was even halfway through, but that was all part of his plan to get sandwich number two down the hatch! ($9 x 2)


I really struggled deciding which protein to go. I love me some corned beef and haven’t always enjoyed roast beef sandwiches, but it seemed by their menu options that roast beef was the way to go. I knew he would be delivering a roast beef opinion, so I listened to my taste buds and went with the glorious sandwich above… I have never been happier with my decision. It hands down (and juicy) wss one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. I ordered the Penn Quarter. It is their take on a reuban. It came with coleslaw, muenster cheese and their own wisesauce. Again, the corned beef was shaved extra fine and oh so tender.
The cheese oozed over the meat and the coleslaw added a cooling texture. The sauce was sort of a siracha aoili, but not very hot. When tasted alone, it gave off a little warmth, but in the sandwich it mixed in with the other flavors. ($9)

Lesson learned you can’t go wrong with any of their proteins. Another diner loved the turkey. They also have several fountain drinks of their own. I recommend the strawberry lime… not to much the kale-apple.

Now that I had my fill, I was ready to walk miles looking at cars and talking horsepower (not the kind I like). We were headed to the Washington Auto Show held at the convention center every January.

My hopeful dream car – Subaru crosstrek hybrid

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