Iron Rooster

Yahoo for dog-sitting! (Insert plug…If you’re going out of town and need someone to watch your pet, give me a shout. We are practically not strangers anymore!) He came for a dinner visit while I was staying in Annapolis, MD and within walking distance to most everything.

Iron Rooster, serving happy patrons since it opened its’ doors in 2014 in Annapolis, MD (also serving Baltimore area). It’s good southern home-style cooking with all day breakfast including: grits, chicken and waffles and many other signature dishes. I am not sure we have been to a place where we have been more in decisive. Everything sounded wonderful and we wanted it all. Knowing that we could never come back together, made for a difficult decision. Sometimes, we want to fall in the restaurant rut just like everyone else, but then we may not have found this wonderful place…somehow, someway, I (or he) will be eating here again.

To the creator of the menu and wait staff selling the product, kudos to you. You sold everything and sold it well. I think the waitress’s remarks are what sold me on the dish I picked. She said we should get something that you can’t just have anywhere and I hung onto those words.

The appetizer menu is not short of being amazing. We wanted it all, well we wanted the whole menu. But we decided on one and that was the fried goat cheese. Goat cheese, fried in a sweet cornmeal served with arugula, balsamic drizzle, fresh strawberries and candied pecans. The layers of this dish were exquisite. The distinctive tangyness of the goat cheese was sweetened with the cornmeal crust; when paired with the strawberry, nuts and balsamic, it added a whole different level and enhanced the flavors. ($9)

20160203_203230He had the signature meal, chicken and waffles. Fried chicken layered over thick dense belgium waffles and topped with chicken gravy. Oh and a side of fried potatoes. The waffles were dense and on the sweeter side which complimented the peppered chicken gravy. The chicken was succulent and plump. A nice white breast coated and fried to a perfect crispness. The potatoes were thinly sliced and seasoned. Some were lightly browned, other were crossing into almost potato chip territory. He loved the crispy ones. I grew up eating chicken and waffles much different than that and probably not what most of you are familiar with. I swore that I would never eat them with fried chicken because it probably wasn’t good. I now think differently… ($15)

I caved to another one of their unique signature dishes, cakes on cake. I thought it was strange and had some reservations about it in my mind. But when it came out, I knew it was going to be good. Cakes on cake are layered “cakes”. Cake meaning panCAKE and crabCAKE. It starts will a mini cornmeal pancake (the sweet layer). Next, is the most perfect fried green tomato (the sour layer) and finally a bountiful crab cake topped with hollondaise sauce. The crab cake was finely shredded pieces of crab and a few scallions, but nothing more. It was all crab and very little extra holding it together. These mini towers were rich in flavor and perfectly presented. They were served with a side of grilled asparagus. ($25)

20160203_203304Now, let’s talk about bacon. Where else can you go where bacon comes standard and is acceptable to be eaten like the bottomless fries at Red Robbin (Yum!)? They are serving up bacon and lots of it. Just be sure to be following them an any one of their social media platforms (@IronRoosterAllDay). Iron Rooster knows how to deliver excellence and brought a genre of food that was lacking in the Annapolis area.


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