Momofuku CCDC

Last Thursday became a pivotal day in my life, it was not only the last day on earth as a 26 year old, it was the bucket list item I wished for since 2008. Every year the Smithsonian opens up the S. Dillion Ripley Center (Washington, DC) to SI staff for a photography exhibit. This year, I finally submitted. Out of 265 entries, only 35 are selected and my photo took first place for SI-obejcts! WHOOOT. We both skipped out on work to commemorate this honorable day of ME.

We started with my art opening then skipped over to Renwick Gallery to check out their real art exhibit, see photos below! That brings us to lunch time in the city, where are we going to eat? It is an usual hour for us to be together and in the city. We needed to head somewhere that is usually swamped during the dinner hour… Momofuku.

20160218_121837We follow tons of DC foodies on Instagram who beat us here, so we are not unfamiliar with the menu items. We even knew what we wanted to start with… the pork buns! Two squares of soft pork belly, fresh scallions, cool pickled cucumber and hoison sauce all neatly folded inside a pillowy soft bun. An order comes with two and meant to be shared, but you should just get two orders (at least) because you will want more. The snap of the cucumbers added a fresh bite to this soft delightful dish. The hoison is a light drizzle and just enough to add a little flavor. ($12)

He had the pork rice bowl. The slow roasted pork shoulder was done in a sweet ginger 20160218_123233glaze sprinkled with sesame seeds and scallions. The pork was served over a bed of white rice and along side a nest of lettuce (surprise addition from menu description). Missing from this photo are the pickled cucumbers, he had them removed. The pork was very tender and melted in his mouth. He said he didn’t even need to chew. The pork was shredded into chunks, but continued to fall apart as it was mixed around. He liked his dish, but for most people it may be too basic. This was the dish for your meat and potatoes man (minus the sneaky green stuff). ($15)

20160218_123218I on the other had enjoy ramen and all that comes with it. I had the Momofuku standard, momofuku ramen. Our waiter said it one of the most common ordered dishes. As I swallowed the warm broth, it warmed from the inside and was a perfect pick on a blustery day. The noodles were soft and chewy, slightly more so than other ramen in the city. The slow roasted pork and pork belly were wonderful and very tender. The broth was light and a medium brown color. It was a little salty, but good flavor. The consistency of the soft boiled egg was perfect. ($17) I am not sure that this is the best representation of DC ramen.

Each table had a pleasant little red bottle of Korean chili sauce. To those that like it spicy, you will be disappointed. To the rest of us that like the flavor, don’t be afraid of this bottle. It adds a pleasant savory taste to your dishes and is encouraged to be used.

20160218_130551We felt the need to order some dessert from the Milk Bar which can be done while you are dining in (as well as take out. It was a difficult decision. We thought we should have went with the ice cream, but our decision was good. We had the chocolate malt truffles. Three of these cold cake fudgey balls come in an order. They are more dense than cake, but more crumby than fudge. Even though they were dense, it was not too rich. ($5)

At some point, one of us will back for the pork buns or to try the brisket! And dessert is always a good option. The inside is very modern down to their wooden backless benches. It is probably not a place where you want to sit and chat for a few hours.


A few highlights from the day:

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