Cosmopolitan Grill

Saturday we embarked on an exciting adventure. We were Florida bound in the search of manatees. It’s that time of the year where they are looking to find the warm crystal springs of Florida. Before I spoil all the swimming details, we grabbed some food before we headed to the airport.

20160227_112823We dug out one of the old Washingtonian magazines for their cheap eats list. We had plenty of time before our flight so anything was possible. We stuck to the VA area since those 12809854_10153880247756145_932161509_oare the restaurants less dined. He of course already had this place in mind. Cosmopolitan Grill is in Alexandria, VA off Richmond Hwy next to Gold’s Gym. It is so close, that you can smirk at the silly people walking into Gold’s gym to work out; while you take another bite of your sandwich or schnitzel through the shared interior windows. I am guessing the restaurant space was once part of the gym? But do not worry, the smell of sweaty feet and sounds of grunting men are gone. You will only hear the pounding of the tenderizer flattening the veal in this clean casual dining room.

I had the steak sandwich. Tender strips of sirloin smothered in mozzarella cheese with sauteed red and yellow onions and mushrooms packed inside a warm house-made bun. The stuffings seeped out of this sandwich. The bread was not thick, sort of similar to that of pita bread, but worked perfectly. The fact that you were getting real steak went along way, it just wasn’t some greasy steak-um sandwich slapped together. The onions and mushrooms were lightly sauteed and still owned their almost original texture. The fries were average fries with nothing special or overwhelmingly great about them. ($13)

20160227_124554He had Ćevapčići. This is a national dish of Serbia and Bosnia, Balkan area (southeast Europe). Between two pieces of warm house made bread were homemade grilled beef sausages. A common theme that their menu reads, homemade. Besides the amazing flavor of these little sandwiches, the hit home part of this sandwich was that it did not require any changing for him. It came served as is. Onions and tomato were served on the side. Also on the side was a dollop of kajmak. Don’t feel bad, I had to look it up too. It is most simply their version of sour cream with more milk flavor and less sour. It was interesting and a must try. We thought it was odd for the sandwich to not come with fries, but it worked out because he shared mine. Now back to those tiny fingerling sausages. There was not much added spice, just simply the flavors from the meat preparation. The sausages were unlike the normal texture you may be familiar with. They were much softer and not as densely packed. They were slightly crumbly, but didn’t fall apart all over the plate/table. The meat was freshly ground and hand made, that was evident in the taste. ($9 for 7 pieces)

With full bellies, we were ready to tackle the trek to Dulles and find some reasonable parking. But most importantly, we were ready for nap time on the plane and to land on the ground with one objective…. manatees!



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