Kim’s Cafe II

Sunday morning (2/28/2016) – Ok… maybe manatees were not the only thing on our mind. After all, you can’t search for anything on an empty stomach. Airbnb had done it again and he could not have picked a better place for our style. When we travel, we don’t want to stand out like the average tourist. We like to live, eat and breath like the locals and for that a hotel can not usually foot the bill. We don’t hate on hotels, but sometimes we stay in some obscure areas. Our cabin was smack dab in the middle of not much and had the real “Old Florida” feel. It was rustic and everything about it was perfect. When I researched some nearby breakfast options, we could not have picked a more perfect place.

20160228_100043Kim’s Cafe II in Homosassa, FL was that place where the locals go. “If our food, drinks and services are not up to your standards, please lower your standards.” — The motto of Kim’s and sealed on all of waitresses’ shirts. We both sensed a good feeling being there. It is the place where people go every Sunday to catch up with their friends, family and neighbors. The place where the waitresses know you by name and how you take your coffee. It was clean and had the feel of your hometown diner.20160228_092005

20160228_093009I had the breakfast BLT… B.E.L.T sandwich as I liked naming it. It was your basic BLT with egg. I think it is really hard to screw up a BELT, but if any one of your B.E.L.T ingredients are bad that could mess up the sandwich. The bacon was crispy, but not burnt. Sometimes they slap on too much mayo, but this was not the case. It was the right amount. The egg was of good size and fried hard. The iceberg lettuce crunched with every bite and the tomato was a plump fleshy red. I have had some hard very unripe or mushy tomatoes in my time and this was not the case either.  It was a wonderful sandwich! ($6)

We both had a side of home fries.. Every diner/cafe has homefries, but the worth while ones make their own and don’t just slice open a bag. Kim’s was no exception, the fried redskin potatoes were not cripsy, but nicely browned. He was at first very excited to not find onions, but then he did. But still didn’t complain as it was not as much as you normally find. I found this funny when I found the first onion and chose to let him believe they did not exist. They were lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

20160228_093015He had egg, cheese and ham on a croissant with side of bacon. His hefty sandwich came with
3 eggs fried hard, 3-4 slices of lunch meat ham and a slice of cheese. The cheese was not oozing out of the sandwich. Even though it was just a simple lunch meat style ham, it was not sliced super thin and had a honey flavor. It was a solid breakfast sandwich and held him over until dinner. ($6)

Ok so the manatees, maybe that is why you are really here…

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They were only a short 5-7 minute paddle from our cabin!


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