Cracker’s Bar & Grill

Manatees were not the only animal on the agenda… alligator. We have seen wild gators on previous trips to Florida, fan boat rides and even a quick fill up of gas. With the expression “gators in there” yelled down the Florida roads as we pass any body of water, it finally held true at a gas station. Anyway, moral of the story, we have both seen alligators, but had not tasted them. While I do not recommend going up to a gator and licking it, you might go to a restaurant and order it off the menu…



Cracker’s Bar and Grill seemed like the perfect stop on our way to the airport. It was a beautiful sunny day in Florida. One last soaking of vitamin D was requested on our already pink skin. They had a lot of outdoor tables and picnic benches near the tiki bar with a prefect view of the river. Seemed like a fun spot to be on a Friday/Saturday night.



Since neither of us had gator before, our waitress recommended going the fried route. It came out golden brown and crispy. Some say it tastes like chicken, which I would agree to some extent. He said it tasted like a chicken fish. I did not taste the fishy flavor he was getting, but it was slightly different than chicken. The texture was very different. I would compare it to a scallop. It was not chewy or flaky, but dense. It did not have a grain. With it being fried, a lot of the true flavor was hidden behind the oil. I would like to try without being fried. He had some reservations. ($10)



I was excited to be able to get some fresh fish! The swordfish tacos were on special! The fish was grilled and fileted to smaller taco size pieces. The tacos had Cracker’s homemade creamy coleslaw, which in my opinion was too creamy/saucey. Lettuce and red tomatoes were on the side along with sour cream and salsa. Even though I would have liked a little less coleslaw juice, it was a wonderful taco. One of the better fish tacos I have described for you. Mostly because of the quality of fish. She raved about their homemade coleslaw, but it was nothing special to me. Their fries were crispy, a nice size portion. ($10)


He had a plain bison burger with fries. As one would think, when they are serving up fish and located near the water, it is not a place to go for burgers. He said he enjoyed it, but it was just a burger patty maybe even from the freezer with bacon. Certainly not a fresh ground patty, hand packed. But it was an alternative choice for a non fish eater! ($12)


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