Our 1st Birthday

Today we turn 1 year old! We just wanted to thank you for your likes, comments and clicks. We appreciate you, our readers!

We decided on this little food child of ours during a drunken night at the bar, I guess some of the decisions are really made with alcohol… and some of the worst. He challenged me to come up with a list of our dining adventures from 2014-2015 and me being stubborn and full of myself, thought “no problem”. But, when I started thinking about it, I realized that was quite the challenge. As we got to brainstorming, we decided to keep a record of our dining destinations, thus this little blog was born. Just in the past year, we have blogged about over 100 restaurants. And in the past 2 years of our adventures, we have dined at well over 200 restaurants. Yes, we eat a lot of food out.

We have grown a great deal since our first post March 16, 2014. We grew from just a little blog that family read to having three social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and active followers.

Thank you for supporting us in our first year and we look forward to continue bringing you the low down on the good and bad of places to dine!


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