Slate Wine Bar

Thanks to our uprising on social media, we have made friends and gained 20160303_181746recommendations from establishments. For example, Slate Wine Bar was giving away a glass of wine for guessing a movie title. We entered and won! When claiming our winnings, they urged us to come in and tell them what we thought.

Slate Wine Bar + Bistro situated in the Glover Park area (Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC) was not a place on our radar. Or, even a place we read about in our research. But with free wine on the table, there was no holding us back! It was a dreary chilly Thursday night. We went to the National Zoo for a stamp event for World Wildlife Day (my grandfather is a stamp collector). A quick uber ride and we were there.


20160303_183621It was happy hour and we were aiming for tapas and deals! We started with an order of chicken bacon tacos. It comes with 2 in an order, perfect! Grilled chicken, lettuce, pica de gallo topped with a piece of crispy bacon. We had zero complaints about the taco, but nothing outstanding to say. It was just a taco with bacon! ($8)


They are known for their duck spring rolls. Most reviews rave about them. They were good, but I think I had high expectations going in. I felt it was just a standard good spring roll, not out of this world. And I think if I didn’t order it as duck, I would have overlooked that it was actually duck. But the outside was the perfect crispness while the inside was a veggie mix with corn and duck. ($7)


20160303_183709.jpgWe also ordered a cheese board. A few slices of lightly toasted bread, mild cured meat and a soft mild gruyere. The flavors accented each other well. But what really topped it off was the strawberry with bits of cherry. It added a complimentary sweetness to the cheese and paired well. Presentation was well done and price reasonable. ($9)


20160303_192032We were not quite done yet, I think we were still waiting for that wow factor. So we placed another order. This time the truffle fries which came with a siracha aoili and ketchup. The aoili was fabulous, the perfect amount of siracha was used getting it to a light reddish color and a tiny zing. The fries were crispy and seasoned well. ($5)


20160303_192014Ok, now here is the wow factor we wanted. I am not sure what it says about our classiness or taste, but we were wowed by the grilled cheese. Between two perfectly double toasted pieces of bread was the creamy molten orange and white cheese. They used a mild cheddar and soft gruyere. It just oozed out of the lightly greased bread. It was perfect. ($6)

A little about their wines.We had a nice glass of cabrenet. They have an extensive list of wines from around the world showing support to the smaller vineyards. All wines are produced from sustainable vineyards!


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