Bar Taco

Nothing about our relationship is conventional and neither are our habits. So when he says about getting dinner in Reston, VA at 8:30 on a Sunday night (30-45 minutes away), I get my shoes on and in the car we go!

Bar Taco has a few locations on the east coast. The branch in Reston is located in the town center, but once you walk inside you are teleported to a beach cabana. Photos of beaches hang on the planked walls. It was a very clean, hip environment. The inside of the kitchen looks like a citrus stand with baskets upon baskets of limes and other fruits. The staff were super friendly and eager to help. Our waiter explained the menu to us and how things worked. We got started tallying what we wanted.

They offer tacos served as a tray which comes with six or nine tacos (small or large), two sides, fresh guac and tamales. The waiter said the trays are normally shared, but it has been done by one person. We were not feeling to be that one person. We decided we didn’t need all of that and ordered individual tacos.


We started with a side of fresh pineapple. It was refreshing to see fresh fruit on the menu and since we were feeling beachy, it sounded wonderful. The pineapple was refreshing and got our mouth lubed up for more flavors! ($2.50).

We also ordered a side of guacamole with homemade chips. The guac was flavorful with not much additive (points for me). There were a few jalapenos chopped up, but just avocado, a base and lime. It was very good guac, but I have had better. My cousin’s wife, still makes the best guac! The chips were salty, maybe a little too salty, but it was nice to see something other than tostitos served. ($5)


The tacos… we ordered six to share. These are small tacos on a corn tortilla, probably about three bites worth, maybe two if you cut them in half like we did. Words of wisdom, tacos are not meant to be cut,  but we were sharing and would have still had a mess if were only biting into half. Just get one for yourself and don’t share, trust me you’ll like it! Let me start by saying, they were amazing. The texture was amazing, the toppings complimented the protein perfectly. Their attention to detail was obvious. We ordered the pastor pork, portobello, spicy chorizo, duck, pork belly and sesame ribeye. The spicy chorizo held up to it’s spicy name. The pork belly was slightly crispy and soft tender bits. The portobello was something special. For just being a mushroom taco, it had a lot of flavor. They were all very delicious, but the ribeye, now that was special. Tender strips of sweet ribeye topped with pickled onion. It was exquisite, our top pick of the six. Tacos were $2.50 or $3.50 depending on the protein.

Their drinks are homemade and unique and come served in a crafe. We shared one drink, the ginger mint tea. He wasn’t keen on it at first, but it grew on him as his mouth craved the refreshing mint and cleansing ginger.

For a late night dinner on a Sunday, it is well worth a trek around the beltway in the rain!


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