Church Brew Works

Sorry for the absence, work has picked up and sleep has been deprived. But here is catching up from Pittsburgh!


Good bye Jesus and hello brewery! Our first meal in Pittsburgh was at a Roman Catholic Church built in 1903, except it was no longer praying to our heavenly father, but to the hop gods. They removed Jesus and replaced him with the components needed to brew beer. It was big inside and the noise carried. The bar area was first come first serve or you can wait on a blessed church pew.

Being a brewery, I thought I would have a beer for you. I ordered the Pious Monk Dunkel. It was a dark beer, but lager flavor. It was not heavy like most dark beers. They had some other known choices on tap.


We were told the brick oven was backed up and it would be a bit of a wait; so we decided on an appetizer. I enjoy spinach dip, but always write it off because of who I am dining with. But of all the other choices, he picked the feta, gouda spinach dip with tri-color chips. The dip was thick with the leafy green. The texture was soft and clumpy, not as stringy as it would be with other low melting point creamy cheeses.


He ordered the feral wild boar pizza. It was out of this world. The boar was a little peppery, like its attitude, but complimented with sweetness from corn and homemade Dunkel BBQ sauce. He of course had the caramelized onions removed. It was certainly not “boaring” by any means! It was topped with melted, oozy mozzarella and provolone. ($22)


Imagine a 14 inch pierogi, bigger than some of your heads. That is essentially what I had… a pierogi pizza, plus some crumbled bacon for a little extra monies. Take a pizza crust, spread on garlic mashed potatoes, cover in cheddar cheese, sprinkle some sauteed onions and crumble on the bacon.


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