The Local Fry

Thanks to a local foodie in Baltimore, MD, Like The Tea Eats, and her mouth watering instagram account. We ended up at a place in Federal Hill. Local Fry is a specialty restaurant serving up everyone’s guilty pleasure, french fries. They have other items too, but people go for the fries. They are also a BYOB establishment!
We were totally bummed about our venture because they were sold out of bulgogi, short rib and Vietnamese pulled pork…my top choices.

He had the cheese steak fries which according to him tasted exactly like a cheesesteak! As you would hope, the fries were homemade! ($9)

I decided on my 4th choice, the kimchi pork fries. They gave loaded fries a whole new meaning. The flavors were interesting and it was important to get everything in one bite. I would have liked the flavors to soak into the fries. ($10)


We were not sure a bath of fries for each of us would be enough, turns out it was. But, we ordered 5 of their garlic parm wings. They were decent size and the chicken was super moist. A job well done! ($5)


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