Last post to catch up to present day (well slightly past, but current).


Finally, we did the brunch scene. Instagram is dangerous, it drives all passions. For us, this time that meant steaming hot, sweet, cinnamon rolls from Matchbox. Yes, instgram drove our decision, making yet again.


The cinnamon rolls were made in a cast iron dish and rose to peak fluffiness with a generous drizzle of sweet icing. They were not quite everything we were hoping, but still good. I would probably not base my brunch choice on their cinnamon rolls. ($6)


He enjoyed the sweet, bourbon maple glazed french toast (on french bread) with candied pecans and fresh strawberries. The sweetness was slightly overbearing and could have used a contrast. ($12)


The BLT benedict was an interesting twist. A poached egg with hollondaise sauce atop friend green tomato, bacon and toast with arugula. The flavor combination was very pleasant. The egg was done to perfection along with the tomato and bacon. I personally would have left out the toast and used the tomato with breading as the base. ($13)

With bellies busting and places to go, we walked across the street to lay on some mattresses! I think he gave the all knowing sleep expert a run for his money.


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