Ray’s is the second of three restaurants in Lansing, NC. Where it lacks in unique cuisine and artistic kitchen creations, it more than makes up for in price and atmosphere!

We were headed on a 17 mile bike ride down the Creeper Trail and needed some calories, but not too much. Ray’s was the perfect choice.

I had the BLT with crinkle fries! The BLT was fine, nothing exceptional, but certainly tasted good. The bacon was perfect. The fries were fresh out of the freezer and into the fryer or maybe oven.

He had a cheesesteak on a small hoagie roll, basically a hot dog bun. But the meat was very tender and was actually better than some that try to be good. He also had the crinkle fries.
The whole meal set us back about $13. I don’t really know where people can get a whole meal for that price, I don’t even think McDonald’s is that cheap.

Ray’s is very small and everyone’s conversations become one. Everyone knows everyone and was catching up on Sunday for lunch after church. They are not open for breakfast. There are maybe ten tables. When they become full, people start sharing tables. We were about done when an older trio came in. We invited them to come sit with us. We exchanged small talk, but it was nice to see people actually communicating with one another and willing to talk to someone they didn’t know. It’s not exactly what you see dining out in DC.


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