Yummy in My Tummy

We arrived back to the city and dove right in. I “accidentally” left my shades at his house, needing to meet him after work. He really enjoys when I do that… We decided on an ice cream treat in Silver Spring, MD (exactly halfway between us).


Yummy in My Tummy is not your typical ice cream parlor and you should not expect your typical flavors, but they do have a few of the basics. They specialize in tropical fruits and unique creations. All ice cream is made in house, supporting local dairies and fresh fruit is shipped straight from where it grows. We tried many many flavors before deciding what we wanted, but it still was not more than half of the available flavors they had. I think I finally settled on the grape-nut with one of the fruit sorbets. You really can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, I recommend giving them all a taste. The grape-nut is made with Post cereal, it had an unique texture with the cereal bits and paired perfectly with the fruits. He had chocolate banana and was also impressed with the flavors and fruits they brought in. We were both pleasantly surprised to see ice cream made form a fruit we learned of in Costa Rico, that our crazy hostess tried to get us to eat -noni.




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