Shatley Springs

When we go somewhere, we go all in on the culture. Friday (4/22/2016) night we were entertained by real bluegrass strumming in an old general store. No indoor plumbing and standing room only, it was the place to be. Locals gathered to play together with no agenda except having fun and unwinding from their week. It was amazing to be a part of!

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Saturday morning was no different. We immersed ourselves into a simpler way of life. Our AirBnb host recommended a place not far down the road, Shatley Springs . People seem to come from all over for breakfast. While we rocked on the porch, much more real than Cracker Barrel, waiting for our name to be called, we chatted with others. One couple drove 2 hours just to have breakfast.

We lined up to be led to our table, while the kitchen was catching up on their orders. We were led through a large open room with wooden chairs and flower checkered clothed tables. The menu was set up like most simple diner breakfast menus including the traditional southern favorites and the family style feast. Never having experienced a family style breakfast, we went all in, wanting try some of everything.


We waited a short bit sipping on our orange juice taking in the families gathered around us. We were more than 500 miles from home, yet felt comfortable and welcomed. Our breakfast came rolling out of the kitchen, filling the entirety of the cart.

Our eyes widen with the scrambled eggs, salted ham, crispy bacon, sausage patties, sausage gravy, biscuits, southern grits, fried potatoes and baked apples that filled the table. We had a big day of hiking and pony viewing ahead of us to vouch for the over eating that was about to happen. It was real, it was authentic and the atmosphere was outstanding.



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