Potomac Village Deli

Potomac Village Deli was a favorite amongst the locals, but they sadly had to close for a short time. But, I am happy to report they have returned to a new location in Kentlands (Potomac, MD). We had to show our patronage to the Jewish Deli and give their new location a try. Nestled in the heart of Kentlands, it is easy to find and close to everything else. They have a large space, but somewhat limited amount of seating allowing for waiting space at the deli counter.


Another rainy Sunday, we looked for an uplifting atmosphere with many other diners. We only had a short wait for an open table. I stuck with my favorite, a traditional Reuben with a side of sweet potato fries. Toasted and buttered rye bread, sort of kept this sandwich together. Though the bread was toasted, the bottom was only toasted on one side and started to fall apart from collecting all of the juices from the sandwich. The corn beef was tender and not sliced real thin. It was a reasonable amount of meat. The sauerkraut was most likely homemade and covered in cheese and Russian dressing. The sweet potato fries were nothing spectacular.


I thoroughly appreciate wait staff because I know I could never do it. Our waitress took the route of not needing to write anything down. That impresses me, but only if they get it right. My order was correct, but his sandwich was missing bacon and oil and vinegar. His lunch was not the only order that was served incorrect during our visit. A toasted pumpernickel with roast beef and cheese. It was a dry sandwich, even for him. The roast beef was done medium well, still soft in texture, but not containing all of the juices it could. We discussed it being an option if you’re in the mood for a Jewish fixing, but not worth reworking your route to hit up.


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