About the Diners


She is a girl from a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania (coal region). You may find your typical chinese take out (that you are going to drive at least 20 minutes for), but food of various ethnicity is almost non existent and options are limited. Everything is far and even further if you want quality. But, she is proud of where she came from and has definitely help shape her into who she is today… a girl looking to live life and experience everything. After college, she packed up her cat and moved to Maryland… where she met him.

He is a boy from outside the nation’s capital. He is an out of the box thinker, who likes to keep life exciting. He grew up surrounded by food options, but is a meat and potatoes man. He wants to see it all and eat it all (except vegetables).


Together, they are enjoying life and eating… at a different restaurant every time!


3 thoughts on “About the Diners

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