The Quest


The quest began March 9, 2014 in Annapolis, MD at a not so good Mexican restaurant (El Toro Bravo)… also our first date. Since that very day, we have yet to eat at the same restaurant twice. At first it wasn’t the plan, it just kinda started that way. He lives in a food rich area and I have my own stuff in my backyard, but having 50 miles in between us and living so close to Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC… the options for eating are endless.

We don’t want to be a couple that does the same thing day after day and eat at the same places all the time. We support local business and locally sourced products. We boycott chain restaurants as much as possible (but there are those occasions where you just gotta have _____). We like to keep it exciting; there is never a dull moment or shortage of eating (except when he doesn’t let me drunk eat at 2 AM)!


  1. Never eat at the same restaurant more than one time
    1. This includes chains
  2. Once we leave property, can not return together to consume food
  3. If at a stadium more than once, need to eat at different food vendor each time
    1. If no vendors left, see exceptions
  4. Only drinking at a bar/restaurant, does not count
    1. May return to eat as long as no food was previously consumed
    2. If have eaten there, may return to only drink
  5. Dessert locations… this has upheld to dining rules as of 1 year and 7 months
    1. A bit tricky as I love ice cream and only so many ice cream stands


  1. If event being held at restaurant/stadium already on list, it gets a pass
    1. Try to order different menu item
  2. El Toro Bravo – 1st date location (probably wouldn’t have desire to go back anyway, only for sentimental reasons)
  3. Comet Ping Pong – 2nd date location and because it is awesome
  4. Gas Station snacks
  5. Wendy’s (don’t ask)
    1. tends to be a quick stop for us, if we need a quick food fix while on the road

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