Touch of Italy

This past weekend we got away in Ocean City, MD. Being Ocean City and so close to home, we were not feeling like our usual on the go travel selves and wanted just have a casual relaxing weekend away. And that it was.

We started with the ponies in Assateague, MD. There were a few grazing along the road and I snapped a few photos. It was a nice day (except for the wind). She touched me, I didn’t touch her.


We got checked into our super reasonably priced, ocean view hotel room with fire place and started thinking about food. We were hungry and decided to take the easy route and maybe what you all might have done. We ate in the hotel restaurant which had a lovely Italian market.

Touch of Italy will not be winning any outstanding awards, but it was a solid choice and a good meal. It was convenient and inviting. We both enjoyed our meals and didn’t have any complaints, it just wasn’t anything outstanding. The service was also wonderful. Being a hotel restaurant and beach chain, it had outside visitors rather than just the lazy hotel guests like us dining.

12405071_10153732119866145_1835906774_oHe ordered the chicken parmesan. Something, he has never ordered. Not for any particular reason, just because. I am sure we all have dishes like that. It was a huge piece of breaded chicken covered in mozzarella cheese. He enjoyed it, mostly because the large amount of cheese. He wasn’t as fond of the side of spaghetti because it was too “tomatoey”. ($19)


I ordered the eggplant parm, also something I don’t typically get, but

thoroughly enjoy. It a nice good size serving of eggplant with a side of spaghetti, I even had leftovers. The eggplant was thinly sliced, but perhaps a little too thin for me. But it had good flavor and texture and was not over breaded. It was not on their menu, but is always available. (~$19)

Winter is Ocean City is quiet and most businesses are closed for the off season. Dining at the places with over 150ft of buffet, were not an option this time of the year nor was the $13.99 all you can eat deal. It made dining options limited in an already mediocre food city. But alas, we prevailed and accepted the challenge!


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